Transforming the world of health care

subscribe to our newsletterThis edition of the Health Tech Event will cover a broad range of topics:

  • Robotics in cure and care
  • E-Health
  • Health care and Internet of Things / Big Data / Artificial Intelligence

The audience, a mix of academics, medical professionals, business, technology, regulation and creatives, will get an excellent overview and insight in the medical tech developments from different perspectives.

health tech event

Who should attend?

Doctors | Biomedical Engineers | Medical Scientists | Clinical Data Scientists | Medical VR Designer | Nurses | Hospital management | Hospital Innovation managers | Health tech manufacturers and designers | Companies (SMEs, large companies, university spin-outs) active in healthcare robotics & photonics | Medical insurance companies | Academics | Regulatory institutions | Service providers | Research organisations | Investors

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Photonics in Health Care – Application areasphapps

Biophotonics is a new and fast growing discipline in the health care and life sciences industry. Biophotonics studies the interaction between light and human tissue. Using multiband photonic and spectroscopic methods it is able to analyze cells and tissues by the way these living structures absorb, reflect and scatter light. This can be used to diagnose and treat diseases ranging from cancer to strokes and Alzheimer’s.

The benefits of photonics in health care are plentiful. The technology is non-invasive and has no adverse side effects, as it only deploys a light beam for diagnosis and treatment. Medical devices based on photonics technology are small and easy to handle, making the treatment highly portable. Last but not least, the cost of photonics treatment is low.
Photonics Applications Week (PHAPPS Week), 30 September – 5 October, the first photonics event about real-world business applications like IoT.