Nurses are getting help from robots with scheduling tasks on labor floor (Video)


Nurses are getting help from robots with scheduling tasks on labor floor. A new system that can anticipate room assignments and suggest which nurses to assign to patients for C-sections and other procedures provided satisfactory recommendations to nurses 90 percent of the time. Today’s robots are awkward co-workers because they are often unable to predict what humans need. In hospitals, robots are employed to perform simple tasks such as delivering supplies and medications.But they have to be explicitly told what to do. Continue reading “Nurses are getting help from robots with scheduling tasks on labor floor (Video)”

Join the Business Modelling & Strategies Summit For Healthcare

We welcome you to the Business Modelling & Strategies Summit For Healthcare at High Tech Campus Eindhoven, The Netherlands on June 23, 2015.

This interactive workshop will be a dialogue with decision makers and experts in the pharmaceutical and bio technical sector.

Participants will be challenged to create solutions to business cases and/or groundbreaking ideas essential for their business. These will be tested in the field of process management, strategy, communication, data management, research & development, monetisation or valuation.

riverrun was founded by experts in business modelling, valuation and strategy in order to create, in cooperation with sector specialists, organisations and investors new directions for creating value for the day after tomorrow using the technology of tomorrow.

Where should healthcare go to? riverrun has no monopoly on the truth. Therefore the partners have invited the following experts to share the discussions and to bring new and other insights to this challenging environment:

  • Kees Groen, Managing Director, Kinesis Pharma
  • Roel Bellens, Managing Director, PIMS
  • Peter Berghmans, partner, Data Protection Institute

We are looking forward to seeing you on June 23 at High Tech Campus Eindhoven!

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Explore your company’s strength

The digital natives, the new barbarians, threaten the core of each sector, each organization, including those in pharma and biotech. However, most trans-formative and disruptive initiatives bring marginal change. For instance users can give feedback via Facebook or a new app is nothing more than the traditional ‘analog’ process in a new ‘digital’ suit.

But the barbarians will not stop at the gates, they want to change the landscape. Even strongly regulated sectors like energy, insurance or health care are not immune for these barbarians.Technology offers the end-users (patients) the tools to influence the business models and the way money is being made, for instance in the pharmaceutical industry.

Most organisations continue, intentionally or unintentionally, to use their traditional workflows/habits and keep their centralistic and/or hierarchic way of working. Many decision makers have access to all the relevant technology, but don’t know what to do with it. Too few companies explore their strength like brand value or customer loyalty to step into the new digital age.

Tech can make healthcare affordable and accessible

In the 21st century, doctors need to be well versed in the basics of IT, just as much as they are with medicine. Such an integral part of the modern healthcare system is technology, and increasingly making a difference to patient-care in the field of diagnosis, investigations, treatment, documentation, retrieval of information and other numerous services. Continue reading “Tech can make healthcare affordable and accessible”