“Creating supersurgeons: surgical performance beyond human capabilities” – Presented by Raimondo Cau, Microsure

Raimondo Cau

According to Raimondo Cau the development of robotic technology surgery enters a new domain where medical procedures can be performed that go beyond what is humanly possible. Surgeons are limited by physiological factors in performing microsurgical procedures. That is why only a selected group of surgeons is currently capable of performing high precision surgery. Microsure maximizes surgical capacity by introducing the world’s first microsurgical robot platform. MicroSure’s technology significantly improves the outcome of many existing surgical procedures and enables new treatment options for chronic conditions that currently cannot be solved manually, thereby reducing healthcare costs and improving patients’ lives.

About Raimondo Cau

Raimondo Cau is co-founder and CTO of Microsure. He has a PhD in medical robotics and is experienced in product development and risk management for medical devices.  As one of the initiators, he has been responsible for the design and realization of Microsure’s surgical robot system.

About Microsure

Microsure is a spin-off company of Eindhoven University of Technology and Maastricht University Medical Center, that develops and commercializes a robotic platform for microsurgery. Microsure has the mission and the capabilities to maximize microsurgical performance by introducing the world’s first robotic platform for high-precision open microsurgery.