“Designing a new generation of robotic instruments; Leaving out the obvious” – Presented by Tim Horeman, TU Delft

Tim Horeman

“Designing a new generation of robotic instruments; Leaving out the obvious” – Presented by Tim Horeman, TU Delft, at HealthTech Event, December 08, 2016, at High Tech Campus Eindhoven, The Netherlands.

Within the TU-Delft MISIT lab, we are developing a new type of cable less articulating laparoscopic instruments that allows complete disassembly of the instrument using a new “leaving out the obvious” design method. Due to the complexity of currently used endoscopic and robotic multi DOF instruments, disassembly for inspection and cleaning is difficult. When tissue gets stuck between moving components, the increased actuation force induces high stresses, increasing the risk on wear and damage.  Moreover, tissue residue can contain prions (i.e. Creautzfeldt Jakob) that are not killed in the sterilisation process and can be transferred to other patients.  Therefore current reusable instrumentation that cannot be fully detached is potentially unsafe. Solutions to these problems will be presented.

About Tim Horeman
In 2005, Tim received his MSc degree in Biomedical engineering from the Delft University of Technology with a specialization in BioMechatronics and minimally invasive surgery and medical safety in 2008. Tim did his PhD research in the MISIT group of the department of Biomechanical Engineering of the TU-Delft and Gynaecology department of the Leiden medical Centre.

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