“Is this the future?” – Presented by Ellen Willemse, Study Centre for Technology Trends

“Is this the future?” – Presented by Ellen Willemse, Study Centre for Technology Trends, at Health Tech Event, Dec 08, 2016, High Tech Campus Eindhoven, The Netherlands.

Nobody can predict the future. Yet the sooner we are aware of changes that may come, the better we can prepare ourselves. A broad range of health related technological developments is translated into short scenarios of the not-too-near future; from self-learning systems to 4D-printing and virtual reality. After the introduction of the scenarios, the floor is open to discussion: do we expect this to come true? Do we want it? Get yourself future ready and join the discussion!

About Ellen Willemse
Ellen Willemse started her career as a futures researcher at STT in 2012. As a result of her studies, 3 books have been published so far, mainly focusing on health related topics. Besides having an interest in health related topics, Ellen also studies the persuasive power of different types of future scenarios.

About Study Centre for Technology Trends
Knowledge institute for futures research, with focus on technology in society.

STT carries out society oriented technology foresight studies. For that purpose STT facilitates a free space in which enthusiastic stakeholders, experts and creative minds from industry, society, science and government take part. There are often more than 100 participants per project. Young people from schools and universities are increasingly included in discussions. The participants create views on the future of technology in society. They are stimulated to think ‘out of the box’, 20-30 years ahead, and to leave present principles and constraints behind. Through knowledge fusion, new insights and ideas emerge and a willingness to explore new ways of cooperation between stakeholders. Topics are explored broadly (cross domain and interdisciplinary) and sub-topics are studied in-depth. The focus is on the interrelation between technological and societal developments.