Johann Huber, SOMA Analytics presents: “Reducing stress in the workplace with smartphones”

Johann Huber, Co-founder and CEO of SOMA Analytics, presents at the Health Tech Event: “SOMA Analytics—manage, measure and reduce stress in the workplace with smartphones”.

The presentation of Johann will contain:

  • The impact of stress on workplaces
  • A comparison of solutions
  • What does SOMA Analytics do?
  • The science behind it
  • The impact

JohannHuber_SOMAAnalyticsAbout Johann Huber
Engineer by training, entrepreneur by heart. Co-founder & CEO at SOMA Analytics. HSG Founder of the Year 2013 in Switzerland. EIT ICT Idea Challenge winner (2nd prize).

About SOMA Analytics
Smartphone app and analytics suite to measure, reduce and manage stress in the workplace—scientifically backed, no additional devices needed. Find out more about SOMA Analytics.