“Facts & Fiction in Robotics for Cure” – Presented by Joris Jaspers, UMC Utrecht

Joris Jaspers

In his presentation Joris Jaspers will give an overview of Robotic systems used in hospitals, their claims and the clinical evidence available. I will also give some insights in present and future developments in this field and will look in how they meet clinical need. He will finish with his future perspective in how we should co-develop (robotic) medical devices for the benefit of patients and health care workers.

About Joris Jaspers

Dr. ir. Jaspers earned his master in Mechanical Engineering in 1996 and PhD in Surgical Equipment design and evaluation in 2006. He has been leading the UMC Utrecht department of Medical Technology Innovation since 2008. The work of Joris Jaspers focuses on the development, clinical feasibility and valorisation of devices that support and may replace medical workforce.

About UMC Utrecht

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