National Centre for Healthcare Photonics Project will open in UK

The Centre for Process Innovation (CPI) has announced that the infrastructure design of the National Healthcare Photonics Centre has officially started. The centre is set to be opened in 2018, subject to full funding approval, and will be located at NETPark, County Durham.

One of the most interesting and fastest developing areas in healthcare is the use of light to diagnose and treat medical conditions and illnesses, collectively known as Healthcare Photonics. It is an exciting and rapidly growing area globally, as the demand for non-invasive, cost-effective, rapid and/or personalised care and treatment rises. Applications are wide ranging from monitoring of physiological parameters to wound, skin and cancer care and other applications in neurology and ophthalmology.

CPI’s new centre will provide the facilities and expertise needed to help companies of all sizes to develop their photonics based technologies for healthcare and turn them into commercially viable products.

Phase 1 of the project will run between July 2016 to March 2017, and will focus on the design of infrastructure and further development of the centre’s offering via a collaborative partnership model. CPI will partner with the academic, medical and clinical communities, supply and value chain partners as well as key players within the healthcare innovation ecosystem.

Dr Arun Harish, Head of Development, Healthcare Photonics at CPI says “We are delighted that the Phase 1 of the Centre development has now begun. We are seeking guidance from our industry led advisory group as well as from potential users of the Centre to inform our design and infrastructure build. The UK has world class research capability in this area of healthcare photonics and a key challenge is to reduce the barriers that are preventing early research and inventions from moving beyond the laboratory and into innovative healthcare solutions for patients. The creation of the National Centre will allow more early-stage companies and SMEs to drive forward their innovation, and increase their chances of commercialisation. This will also stimulate and encourage large companies in the UK to undertake more innovation activities, at reduced risk and with increased capital efficiencies.“

For more information go to the website of CPI