The ‘Eye-Phone’ That Helps Prevent Blindness

According to Dr. Patricia Mechael, executive director of the mHealth Alliance, in developing countries the average doctor-to-patient ratio is one doctor to every 250,000 patients. Yet these same countries account for 80% of mobile subscriptions worldwide. It’s no surprise, then, that mobile health technology has substantial potential to improve access to healthcare in the developing world.

The core Peek team consists of Dr. Andrew Bastawrous and Stewart Jordan at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, Dr. Mario Giardini at the University of Strathclyde, and Dr. Iain Livingstone at the Glasgow Centre for Ophthalmic Research. Together they share a vision of extending access to quality eye care throughout the world.

According to Dr. Bastawrous there are 39 million sufferers of blindness around the world. 80% are from low-income countries, and the majority are blind from diseases that are either curable or preventable. Dr. Bastawrous has been harnessing the power of mobile technology to deliver eye care in an innovative new way to these individuals. … (Read more)