Wello smartphone tracks your health using powerful sensor

Wello smartphone tracks your health using powerful sensor. Azoi Inc is launching Wello, where India among the first set of countries.

Azoi Inc’s Wello is a health monitoring device embedded within a mobile case that uses powerful sensors to measure a number of key vitals including heart rate, temperature, blood pressure, electrocardiography (ECG), blood oxygenation, lung functions and more with a high level of accuracy.

Wello claims to be the first device to allow you to measure and record your vitals from wherever you are. “You simply hold it for a few moments while hidden sensors take measurements and pass on gathered information to the Wello app. Not only do you get instantaneous results and key data about your health, but over time you’ll see patterns that will help you take better care of yourself,: said a company release. … (Read more)

Source: PeriscopePost.com