Big data for healthcare: more than a promise – Presented by Herman Bennema, Vektis

Big data for healthcare: more than a promise – Presented by Herman Bennema, Vektis, at the Health Tech Event, on January 31, 2018, at MECC Maastricht, The Netherlands. Read the interview.

The presentation shows the actual and near future possibilities of big data analytics in heathcare based on administrative data

About Herman Bennema
Herman Bennema is CEO of Vektis, the leading healthcare information provider in the Netherlands. Mr Bennema is an experienced executive with an inherent strength of improving businesses based on analytical insight. Under his leadership, Vektis evolved from an organization focused on collecting healthcare claims-data to an information provider for the entire healthcare system in the Netherlands. Prior to Vektis, Mr Bennema was boardmember of Solera Netherlands, specializing in automobile related claims. Herman started his career as a technical officer in the Royal Netherlands Airforce after finishing his education at the Royal Military Academie. He also holds a graduate degree in business economics.

About Vektis
Vektis is the leading healthcare information provider in the Netherlands. Vektis streams provides information products to improve the efficiency of the administrative processes in healtcare. Vektis intelligence creates insights in healthcareconsumption (volume, cost and quality) based on data-analytics. Among the clients are all hospitals, 50% of the general practioners, all healthinsurers, the government and universities

About Health Tech Event
Technology is quickly transforming the world of health care. On January 31, 2018, the 7th edition of the Health Tech Event at MECC Maastricht, The Netherlands will bring together the brightest minds from within the field to inspire and enlighten you about the latest trends and developments in health technology.

The conference will focus on robotics and related medical technologytopics ranging from social robots to robotised surgery and solutions to transfer cure and care from the hospital to the home.

The Health Tech Event takes place at the same location as the 3D Medical Conference & Expo – Jan 30-31, 2018. The 3D Medical Conference is focused on 3D bioprinting, 3D Dental Printing, 3D Pharmaceutical Printing, Medical applications with Virtual Reality & more.

Who should attend?

Although everyone is welcome, the conference is mainly addressed to:

  • Hospital management
  • Hospital Innovation managers
  • Health tech manufacturers and designers
  • Companies (SMEs, large companies, university spin-outs) active in healthcare robotics & photonics
  • Medical insurance companies
  • Academics
  • Regulatory institutions
  • Service providers
  • Research organisations

For more information about the conference and registration, we invite you to visit the conference website