Perry Van Rijsingen, PRECEYES, will speak at Health Tech Event

Perry Van Rijsingen, PRECEYES, will speak at Health Tech Event which takes place on 08-12-2016 at High Tech Campus in Eindhoven, The Netherlands.

About Perry Van Rijsingen
Perry van Rijsingen, living in The Netherlands and since October 2015 CEO and Founder of 21st Century Business Growth Advisors B.V., is one of the few international business executives with a strong track record of successful business management, innovation and strategy in large/mature businesses and start-ups, with a deep understanding of how to succeed in both worlds.

In today’s slow growth world, he believes, it is the ability of companies to apply the start-up mindset that’s essential for sparking and sustaining growth and he founded “21st Century Business Growth Advisors” to help companies to do just that.

Through “21st Century Business Growth Advisors B.V.”, as advisor, coach, interim leader or non-executive, Perry helps companies create and scale new businesses, build effective corporate venturing, turn stagnant businesses into growth engines, build and nurture ecosystems, forge strong business partnerships and build/coach effective business teams.

In this capacity Perry, since May 2016, is CEO at Preceyes B.V., a medical robotics company focused on vitreoretinal eye surgery.

Perry was formerly CEO of two large mature businesses at Philips, one in Philips Healthcare and one in Philips Lighting, and grew those businesses at a rate well ahead of his competitors. After that, over a period of almost ten years, he “walked the high wire” of corporate venturing, as CEO of Philips’ Healthcare Incubator, reporting directly to Philips Board of Management. In this latter role he led, commercialized, coached and invested in many start-ups & early growth businesses. In the process, he created new business models, markets and eco-systems, yielding triple digit growth and significant strategic and enterprise value for Philips. He also invested in Venture Capital. From 2011 until 2015 Perry was CEO of Philips Digital Pathology Solutions, the first Philips Healthcare Incubator portfolio company to be commercialized in 2012, becoming global leader in the clinical pathology space. From 2007 until 2010 Perry was CEO of the portfolio company Handheld Diagnostics, Philips’ highly disruptive business in the field of Point-of-Care diagnostics.

Perry provides perspective beyond the text-books; he knows how to apply the start-up mindset and experience to today’s real world business challenges. Holding a master’s degree in Biomedical Physics and having lived and worked across the globe, Perry’s industry experience ranges from Healthcare, In-Vitro Diagnostics, Diagnostic Imaging, Medical Robotics, Digital Health, Biotech, Electronics to Lighting.