“Healing with Data: How Big is beautiful?” – Presented by Dr. Ramin Assadollahi, ExB Health GmbH

How much is big? We all know the three Vs: Volume, Velocity and Variety. However, we at ExB have learned that it is not necessarily a fact that more data is helping more. To us it seems that the right data is more important than the amount. Furthermore, also the mix of data is important to achieve good results: ontologies, internal and external data often play together to yield good results. I will give some examples from textual and image data across different usage scenarios.

About Ramin Assadollahi

RA studied Natural Language Processing as one of the first in Germany, changed over to Cognitive Neuroscience and did eight years of research on how the human brain processes language (using MEG / fMRI), founded ExB to turn these learnings into a brain inspired software, sold the first technology to Nokia in 2010, has around 20 international patents pending or granted, is now focusing on text and image understanding along the health value chain.

About ExB Health GmbH

ExB’s solutions focus right now on applications along the health chain. From CROs, pharma companies, healthcare providers, payors or publishers: We are working on understanding the specific challenges each of these players has and taylor custom solutions. Our modular approach ensures higher quality, shorter time to market at lower cost.