Avoiding dead in bed: Why hospitals need better patient monitoring tech

A discussion about wearable technology highlighted the need for hospitals to develop more effective ways of patient monitoring to avoid the grim reality of finding patients dead in bed from respiratory distress, for example.

Covidien Vice President and General Manager of Patient Monitoring, Matthew Anderson, emphasized the needs in low acuity care for better monitoring devices. Covidien recently bought wearable monitoring company, Zephyr Technology for an undisclosed.

Among the other panel participants were Benjamin Mallory, Astra Zeneca director of digital strategy; Homero Rivas, the director of innovative surgery at Stanford School of Medicine; and Mike Speck at Movable.

Anderson said the company was seeing a greater interest in expanding monitoring, especially for low-acuity patients due to several challenges hospitals face. They include patients needlessly going to the ICU to reducing the rate of patients that require re-admission within 30 days of discharge and identifying patients who are fall risks. He listed four important needs that monitoring devices had to fulfill. … (Read more)

Source: MedCityNews.com