Mobile’s role in healthcare is still experimental

The role of mobile technology in healthcare is still widely considered experimental, but increasingly sophisticated mobile apps and wearable technologies are believed to be promising new tools that will drive behavior change and improve people’s health.

Many of the speakers and much of the talk at the Lions Health creativity festival this week in Cannes, France, focused on technology at a time when the US healthcare industry is grappling with long-standing issues such as medication adherence and rising costs while also seeking new ways to improve the health of people with chronic diseases.

“This is just the start of the new digital and mobile health economy,” Peter Ohnemus, president and CEO of mobile health company Dacadoo, said in an email. “We see outside players such Apple, Google and Samsung moving into the industry at a speed healthcare and pharma have not been used to.”

Ohnemus founded Dacadoo, a mobile app that provides users with a health score that changes in real-time based on lifestyle, body and emotional wellbeing. Dacadoo earlier this month closed its Series A financing round. Samsung Venture Investment was one investor. … (read more)